The Oak Inside The Acorn

By Max Lucado

Parents and children will find great counsel from Max Lucado's story of a little acorn who learned the important lesson: 

Within you is a great oak. Just be the tree God meant you to be.

Clearly written and beautifully illustrated (thanks George Angelini), Lucado helps children lean an essential lesson of life: God made them unique and with a purpose. 

This story is also for parents whom he counsels:

Childhood tendencies forecast adult abilities. Read them. Discern them. Affirm them. Cheerlead them.

Happy the child and happy the parent who reads the parable and heeds the lessons.

Note: Lucado provides a general principle, not a scripted plan. If you are looking for more "How to" you'll be disappointed. But good principles precede good practice. The Oak Inside the Acorn is principle put to paper -- and a good one.