We Can All Do Better

By Bill Bradley

An experienced, insightful, and fair-minded political veteran analyses the political and cultural landscape and offers one message: "We can all do better." Bradley -- a Rhodes Scholar, NBA Hall-of-Famer, 3-term New Jersey Senator, financial expert, and American patriot -- offers practical prescriptions with his passionate exhortation. 

This is reading about America and its future -- by an American, for Americans, whether they be Democrat, Republican, or Independent. Published in 2012, there are few items that are dated, but overall his message is timely and essential. 

In his final chapter, Senator Bradley, writes, "Wisdom acts for the long term." This is the spirit from which he writes. I felt like I was sitting at the feet of a very wise man. Reading Senator Bradley, I understand history better, I understand politics better, I understand issues better, I understand our world better, I understand and appreciate the necessity of compromise better.

Certainly one will find ideological differences, but the Senator -- cut from the collaborative cloth -- is not pushing a "left vs right" agenda. Instead he is championing a spirit of American enterprise and compromise. His is a message that exhorts citizens and congress to take action. 

I have now read two of Senator Bradley's books (We Can All Do Better and The Values Of The Game). Having read these two, I have drawn one definite conclusion: I will read them all.