9 Things You Simply Must Do to Succeed in Love and Life

By Dr. Henry Cloud

There are several reasons Henry Cloud is a successful business person, sought after speaker and consultant, and best-selling author; here are nine of them. What's great about this book is that Cloud is sharing wisdom gleaned over time, but the book is NOT his story per se. As Cloud notes the successful people he observed were not marked by a certain personality type or station in life, rather it was more their path or choices that set them apart. Cloud writes, "People who found what they were looking for in life seemed to do a certain set of things in common." Cloud shares those nine things. 

9 Things You Simply Must Do was published in 2004, so readers of Cloud's more recent books will find his Christian worldview more overtly expressed throughout these pages. Henry Cloud never "preaches" in this volume, but if he were you would want to listen. His artful and disarming way of expressing wisdom from the ages and lives from the present is delightful, insightful, and highly practical.

To me, the mark the excellence and relevance of this book is that I kept thinking of people who would either benefit from one of his principles or for whom I want to buy the book.