Liturgy Of The Ordinary

by Tish Harrison Warren

I want to buy this book for everyone. Okay, maybe not EVERYONE, but I did purchase it for our six adult children (and their spouses) who are raising our twenty grandkiddos. I am also reading it with several on our pastoral team. Alas, my pockets are not deep enough to cover my horizons, so you are on your own.

Thank you Tish Harrison Warren. These pages have opened my eyes to the presence, reverence, and God-speckled beauty of the ordinary moments of my life. God has used you to awaken and refresh my soul, to find a little more of that freedom Christ came to give, and to experience a little more joy and perseverance with those folks he planted me with.

One might not expect to find deep theology and the richness of liturgy through the mundane: making the bed, brushing teeth, eating leftovers, marital spats, checking email, sitting in traffic, sleeping and the like. And that's why you need to get this book. You'll discover the God you hope to find in the soaring cathedral is the same Father present when sipping tea with a friend. 

Liturgy of the Ordinary: Sacred Practices in Everyday Life is the best of Sunday -- every day.