Agent In Place

by Mark Greaney

Assassin-for-hire with a "moral compass" seeks to rescue illegitimate child of a dazzling beauty of dubious character while outgunned, out-manned, and facing an onslaught of international bad guys. 

But hey, this is the Gray Man! 

Mark Greaney, bestselling coauthor of many of Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan novels, delivers a fast-paced, 
international thriller. Court Gentry, AKA The Gray Man, does necessary dirty work for the US government and others. In Agent In Place, he battles wits and muscle to rescue a child for a woman he disdains. Did I say this last time, "This is the best installment of Gray Man yet." Well, that's my opinion, but I have read them all. 

5 Reasons To Read:

1. Details: Greaney is proof that excellence is in the details. Whether it is the specs on a SA80 bullpup rifle, a Russian mi-28 attack helicopter, or a street in Syria, Greaney is going to enlighten as he entertains.
2. Dialog: There is no cheese to slice here. Greaney's dialog is believable, and fun to follow.
3. Danger: This is an edge-of-seat thriller. If you like action, buckle up. This is fun ride.
4. Deceit: Greaney reminds of of the overpowering pull of MICE, the four traps used by intelligence officers: money, ideology, compromise, ego. At this point and others he reminds of the complexities of life and people.
5. Discernment: Greaney helps me remember absolute truth does not negate moral dilemmas. Truth is clear cut. Applying it takes wisdom.